Press and Editorial Features

We live in a visual world. I feel so lucky that what i create is so widely used for so many magazines and visual projects form music to film to artistic expressions. Here I try to update regularly where my designs appear.

Elle Fanning Wearing Custom Jivomir Domoustchiev  transparent red sculpture dress V Magazine Styled by Patti Wilson photographed by Steven Klein Neon Demon film feature

Elle Fanning Wearing Custom Jivomir Domoustchiev V Magazine Styled by Patti Wilson photographed by Steven Klein

Elle Fanning wearing Jivomir Domoustchiev V Magazine V102 photography Steven Klein Styling Patti WilsonWhat an amazing collaboration.  I was so excited when the legendary visionary stylist Patti Wilson first approached me on this.. I felt so honoured to be asked to create a custom dress for this Cover shoot for V Magazine V102 feature on The Neon Demon.  Having always followed her work it was truly humbling that she would like my work and then commission something special..   Knowing that the photographer would be Steven Klein whose work is truly cinematically beautifully visionary i was so inspired... Having looked at a mood board I instantly understood bot Patti and Steven's vision.. They are great communicators almost building a still from a movie inside your head with just a description..  Also having seen a lot of recent press on the beautiful Elle Fanning i knew exactly what i wanted to do..  when the pictures first came out and still today I feel so amazing to have designed something which was used to help create such a beautiful photograph.... 


Thank you all involved..... Kabuki on makeup, Garren on hair & Honey on nailz  xxx