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We live in a visual world. I feel so lucky that what i create is so widely used for so many magazines and visual projects form music to film to artistic expressions. Here I try to update regularly where my designs appear.

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Jivomir Domoustchiev digital metaverse wearable nft collection x Playground App x Red Eye Metazine

Jivomir Domoustchiev x Playground App x Red Eye Metazine

Wow how amazing to be a featured artists for the launch of Playground app x Red Eye Metazine. The first magazine living within the metaverse. You can enter and view the exhibition here with or without VR goggles.  Red Eye Metazine 
NFT by Jivomir Domoustchiev

NFT by Jivomir Domoustchiev

Time to embrace the future and moving into the digital art world I have now launched the 'Liquid Thoughts' collection by Jivomir Domoustchiev a set of NFT available to collect via Opensea trading platform please visit 

One of my passions is creating and manipulating fashion film and photography. I absolutely love it. It allows me to fully express the ideas I show in my design by bringing them to life in a new world. 

Some available as auction 1 of 1 fashion film, some as Digital art prints also some have an un-lockable feature where you will also receive one of my pure fashion sculpture dresses hand crafted to your measurements which can be worn or displayed.  I will be adding unique film and digital art to the 'Liquid Thoughts' collection of NFT giving you the opportunity collect. Thank you as always for your love and support. Included in the first drop