As a designer and brand sustainability is of great importance to me.  I create collectible sculptural fashion designed to last and warn, showcased as a wearable form of sculpture.  My work is not fast fashion.   I chose to use PVC Vinyl as a way of showcasing my sculptural design aesthetic. The material I use is rated food grade which mean has no toxicity.  PVC is vegan. I did not want to use animal products or derivatives. The products I create are all made to order as such we do not over produce so no excess stock is created to minimise waste.  If cared for as advised they can last a very long time and be enjoyed on many an occasion.  Also with my designs I have  added an element of off-cuts to incorporate into the desirable products so again waste is minimal.  Repurposing of samples to create new designs is part of my aesthetic.  Despite all this there is still waste which since I began this company i have held onto.  Working closely with the material manufacture we are now recycling the offcuts so new material can be created.  With this in mind it is so important to me to work even more closely with the material manufacturers so the future as a brand I can be even more sustainable and to try to achieve zero waste and zero damage to the environment around us and the beautiful world we all share.  Should you wish to contact me on any of the above pleased do so


All designs featured here are Copyright © Jivomir Domoustchiev London