My first wearable collection of digital garments. These collectible creations will soon be available to wear within your chosen game or metaverse. Sold as NFT they will allow the collector special access into the mind and world of Jivomir Domoustchiev Fashion Art and Design. I collaborated on this with some truly incredible artists. Starting with Marina Gryzdova a 3D fashion creator interpreted my signature designs, both some of my favourite existing dresses along with some that can only ever live in our minds and the digital limitless world. From cutting 2 dimensional patterns to fully wearable 3D garments. Jenn Leung picked my brain to develop and create a future world to showcase my designs also putting on the finishing touches to my collection of collectible digital garments bringing my work to life. We embedded our avatars skin with some of my artwork to create a form of tattoo art. With special thanks to Corpus Milner for the music used 'Pagan Spoilt'. I cannot share enough how instrumental my team has been to help me reimagine our future. There is nothing better then collaborating with some truly amazing individuals...



Ghost Stories

Embracing a future without Physical restrictions and limitations helping us dream.