AW2017 Shadows of My Future

Jivomir Domoustchiev AW17 Shadows Of My Future Collection. Available To Order pls email us with your requests.

Jivomir Domoustchiev fall17 Red dress & jacketJivomir Domoustchiev Fall17 red sculpted dress

 Look 1 - Red sculpted Vinyl dress £1795 & Asymmetric  Half Jacket £1495

Jivomir Domoustchiev fall17 Black vinyl jacket & skirt

Jivomir Domoustchiev fall17 Black skirt & jacket

Look 2 - Jivomir Domoustchiev black Vinyl Sculpted skirt £795 and Asymmetricmulti strap jacket £1495

Jivomir Domoustchiev Fall17 red circular dress


Jivomir Domoustchiev fall17 red circular dress

 Look 3 - Jivomir Domoustchiev fall17 Red Vinyl circular asymmetric dress available to order in a variety of colours £2495

Jivomir Domoustchiev fall17 black dressJivomir Domoustchiev fall17 black sculpted dressLook 4 - Jivomir Domoustchiev Fall17 Black Vinyl Sculpted dress available to order    £1795 

Jivomir Domoustchiev fall17 Asymmetric dressJivomir Domoustchiev Fall17 asymmetric dress & JacketJivomir Domoustchiev fall17 red vinyl asymmetric jacketLook 5 - Jivomir Domoustchiev Fall17 Red Asymmetric panel dress £2495 & Multi panel jacket £2595 both available to order

Jivomir Domoustchiev fall17 pannel jacket blackJivomir Domoustchiev fall17 black jacketJivomir Domoustchiev Fall17Look 6- Jivomir Domoustchiev Black Vinyl Multi panel jacket £2495 warn over sculpted skirt £595 available to  order

Jivomir Domoustchiev aw17 collection entitled ‘Shadows of my Future’ is an exploration into the designer’s pure obsession with form and sculpture. Attempting to re-sculpt parts of the body, Jivomir mixes this with inspiration derived from taking apart beautifully crafted shoes and mimicking elements of there patterns. This mixed with his ever present obsession with saddlery is also shown in the presentation and desire for the garments to be able to be shown as flat object or exhibited on walls. The desire of the collection is that does not need to be warn as intended.. It encourages the reimagining of new ways of presenting and layering the garments to create ever more dramatic silhouettes…


All pieces are available to order. All are adjustable and handcrafted & Made in  London by the designer in a Vinyl/PVC which is very flexible and comfortable to the touch.  A variety of colours are available upon request.  Pls feel free to reach out to us with any questions.. All prices are upon request as these are bespoke services. As a guide pls review the items in the main store page.

A Full private bespoke service is available. 


Fashion Photography : Aris Akritidis

Hair: Marco Iafrate

Makeup: William A. Casey for MAC Cosmetics

Model: Alexandra Karpova


Resort2017 Collection created for special Feature in Vogue Italia

All Jivomir Domoustchiev Resort PVC items featured in Vogue Italia November issue are available to order. This is a limited edition collectable collection.  All pieces are Hand Crafted and Made in London by the designer.  Pls contact us for pricing and delivery information. A fully private, bespoke service is also available.

Jivomir Domoustchiev Vogue Italia Steven Klein Patti Wilson

Jivomir Domoustchiev Vogue Italia Steven Klein Patti Wilson

Jivomir Domoustchiev Vogue Italia Steven Klein Patti Wilson

Jivomir Domoustchiev Vogue Italia Steven Klein Patti Wilson

Images taken from my Vogue Italia feature November 2016 Issue.

Photography: Steven Klein

Styling: Patti Wilson

Makeup: Diane Kendal

Hair: Shonju

Nail Art: Honey Nailz


SS2017 Hoodoo Street Collection

Jivomir Domoustchiev SS17 Collection Hoodoo Street. Available for To Order pls email us with your requests. All pieces are Hand Crafted, Made in London.  Designer Fashion & Collectable Sculptured Accessories. A fully private bespoke service is also available.


Jivomir Domoustchiev ss17 yellow clear

Jivomir Domoustchiev ss17 yellow clearJivomir Domoustchiev ss17 Hoodoo Street BlackJivomir Domoustchiev ss17 Black

Jivomir Domoustchiev ss17 ClearJivomir Domoustchiev ss17 Clear

Jivomir Domoustchiev ss17 Clear RedJivomir Domoustchiev ss17 Clear RedJivomir Domoustchiev ss17 clear TurqouiseJivomir Domoustchiev ss17 Clear TurquoiseJivomir Domoustchiev ss17 Clear Blue

Jivomir Domoustchiev ss17 Blue clear

For ss17 Jivomir Domoustchiev takes influence and inspiration for his collection from the costumes of different tribes of the Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans. Having visited the city many times and calling it “his happy place” After many years of trying to find out more about this secretive society.. “ every time I would visited the city I would ask around and very few people could give me any real information about these tribes. “ I was an outsider… I fell in love with the idea of these individuals when I came across images and depictions in various parts of the city… The notion that they would spend all year making an outfit to wear but a few times around mardi gras and then destroy…mesmoriesed me..   the astonishing colors and detail and forever trying to outdo each other……Finally I managed to meet Sylvester Francis the curator of the Backstreet Cultural Museum.. He kindly showed me around his collection of different Indian suits… also showing patches of detail explaining how the outfits are made… I hope one day to spend more time helping create some of there suits…..

“With this collection I have taken a visual inspiration.. created in my own way with my own sensibility ... perhaps helping raise awareness to the beauty and cultural heritage   of these wonderfully creative people..”

A modern deeply personal interpretation.. each outfit is made up of a number of collectable pieces which when used together show the grandeur and dandiness of his inspiration… JIvomir’s sculptural signature still visible, heavy studding and bold transparent colors prevail… echoing horse bridle harnessing elements mixed with overtly sexy, center stage, flashiness..

Photography & Artwork: Aris Akritidis

Models: Leila Jay & Monica Cronin @ Profile Models London

Hair: Marco Iafrate

Makeup: William A.Casey using MAC 


AW2016 Collection I

Jivomir Domoustchiev aw16 press collection

Jivomir Domoustchiev Autumn Winter  2016 Press Launch Collection is available to order. Also available are all press featured collaborations. Prices upon request. A fully private bespoke service is also available.


Jivomir Domoustchiev aw16 yellowJivomir Domoustchiev aw16 whiteJivomir Domoustchiev aw16 OrangeJivomir Domoustchiev aw16 GreenJivomir Domoustchiev aw16 BlueJivomir Domoustchiev aw16 RedJivomir Domoustchiev aw16 Black

Photography: Panos Damaskinidis

Model: Beate Stivrina @ Profile Model Manegement

Makeup: Pat Mascolo

Hair: Akos Bodi

Special Thanks Anthony Mascolo