Jivomir Domoustchiev Fashion Designer
JIVOMIR DOMOUSTCHIEV began his fashion career graduating from London College of Fashion. Continuing his career as a Fashion Stylist and Creative Director, Jivomir worked as Fashion Director at Centerfold, A Magazine, Touch and Wig, and currently contributing Fashion editor Infringe Magazine.
 He has also styled extensively for both music, fashion and commercial clients all over the world.  Design is what holds his heart and the constant desire to re imagine re create without any boundaries or self restriction.
“I’ve always loved imagery. I love photography, and all I ever wanted to do was manipulate and help create stunning images. Now I have created a medium to express visually though design, images and moving image"
Fiercely fascinated with the female form, DOMOUSTCHIEV is continually inspired by the many differences in each woman’s individuality and movement, dependent on their personality, life experiences and inner soul. An avid researcher, strong influences are drawn from a life of travelling for his work, modern architecture, sculpture, art and automotive design, diversity in cultures…
JIVOMIR DOMOUSTCHIEV  design aesthetic represents a homage to the female form. With an innate understanding of the craft and desires of a stylist to create modular stand  alone collectable pieces, which can be combined for a full look or individually layered into a story. All of the items have been hand crafted by JIVOMIR in London.  Working with PVC and other sculptural fabrics and realised in a pop-art palette, there is a pervasive element of fantasy in his work. The full collection is fully custom made in London and every piece is available to order. Please contact us for details.
With his retail collection Jivomir has taken his favorite elements from his current collection and designed desirable, collectable, essential & striking accessories, which fit in and stand out complementing both a tailored, casual and eclectic modern personal style and portray a sexual liberation.  'The future is Now'
The Jivomir Domoustchiev woman is very fashion aware and not afraid to stand out and be noticed... She truly embodies urban modernity.
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PRESS -  In House all enquiries: jivomirdomoustchiev@icloud.com