We offer a Rental service

At Jivomir Domoustchiev we fully understand that not everyone wishes to purchase outfits particularly show piece looks.  Outfits that would only normally be worn once by an individual can have a more extensive life by being made available to rent for that special party or extra special occasion.  Also for photoshoots or promotional events.  As such we have made our archive pieces available for rental. A fee of 33% of retail price is charged + both ways shipping if required.  Alternatively you may arrange your own courier. This is based on a 7 day rental period. International rental we allow for the required transit time if garments are shipped back within the 7 days.  Please email image of desired look found on my website or Instagram and we can advise on sizing, fit and availability of the look also colour options or alternatives. It helps if you can provide sizing so I may advise properly.  For payment options and full rental contract please feel free to email us at jivomirdomoustchiev@icloud.com with an enquiry.  A late return fee is applicable if the items are not returned within the 7 day rental period or 50% extra of retail value if pieces are damaged beyond acceptable levels or not returned within 21 days. Also a refundable full deposit maybe required to cover possible damage to samples.  Please note as the rental pieces available are generally press samples some visible blemishes is possible... Upon your request you will be advised on the quality of the pieces. We cannot rent underwear for hygiene reasons so if a look you choose requires the matching bottoms these will need to be purchased.


All designs featured here are Copyright © Jivomir Domoustchiev London