We all love shinny things and the vegan Vinyl / PVC which is my signature material looks absolutely stunning when shinny.  To keep our sculpture vinyl pieces looking stunning and to store after wear please use one of the recommended products.  Due to shipping restrictions with different courier companies I cannot send this shine internationally. You can however directly purchase from various outlets worldwide.  As all of the products recommended are a form of polish the same cleaning technique applies.  Please use before and after wear.  If kept clean our pieces can look perfect a very long time in line with our sustainability desire to create fashion that lasts, that you can share with friends. These polish products are designed to clean and revive the pieces and make them shine to perfection.  

If using a spray polish please spray a little directly onto the vinyl garment. With the microfibre cloth provided use one corner to rub and with the other corner wipe down the liquid.  This will clean and polish your chosen piece and revive the stunning shine. If using the non spray please use a few drops onto the microfibre cloth then rub the vinyl. Again with the opposite side of the cloth wipe down.  Please note all fabric garments we sell are from different luxury materials as such please consult your nearest specialist dry cleaning service for advice or email us directly. 

We recommend preferably as a spray for ease of use:

Black Beauty Latex Polish (cleans and shines, non greasy to the touch after applying) 

Pjur Cult Ultra Shine Shining Spray (Remains a little moist to the touch after application which many prefer, similar to the finish on latex) This is the most commonly available product on the market. 


Megular's Mirror Bright Vinyl & Rubber Treatment ( Cleans and shines scented)

Perv-O Shine (Cleans and shines great all round product)

Lynx Latex & Rubber Shine (Cleans and Shines)

Please note here are a some links for Vinyl PVC polish online retailers most of whom ship all over there world. 

Recommended product: Black Beauty Latex Polish, Purse Shine.