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Awoken Realities Ongoing

NFT x Jivomir Domoustchiev

Exploring Fashion Film and Photography. Another way to express myself, it feeds my need to endlessly create with every breath I have. As a fashion designer I hand crafted futuristic fashion garment and sculptures in my east London atelier. Some Avant-Garde, some asymmetric, some a little kinky... I then capture them on someone that embodies that look, someone mesmerising, someone truly individual that inspires me… All images and film are created on a feeling, following what simply feels right for that moment whilst always trying to #reimagineeverything challenging what is beauty that which is beautiful. Reminiscent of a future full of modification or evolution. Full of Superhero’s Pin Up’s and individuals inspired by potential of the Metaverse and perhaps the Multiverse and how it intertwines with our reality. The collection will keep evolving and i will keep adding. Each NFT is available on the Polygon Blockchain.

Awoken Realities Ongoing

Blue Girl on

Miriam V as Blue Girl Ultimate Supersasyhero NFT Fashion Photography Fashion Portrait Pure Love available via Edition of 10 available Collect this extra special drop

Merde Magazine x Jivomir Domoustchiev

Into the Metaverse. A collection of 8 collectible NFT created for Merde VI issue Now On Live Auction Opensea. If you wish to bid please click on your favourite image.