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We live in a visual world. I feel so lucky that what i create is so widely used for so many magazines and visual projects form music to film to artistic expressions. Here I try to update regularly where my designs appear.

PurpleFashion Magazine featuring Jivomir Domoustchiev

PurpleFashion Magazine featuring Jivomir Domoustchiev

PurpleFashionMagazine Jivomir Domoustchiev

Such an honour and such a stunning feature in PURPLE Fashion Magazine ss17 Issue 27.  The incredibly talented Isamaya Ffrench directs this stunning beauty shoot.  Here the beautiful Tabatha Beu wears my clear yellow pic studded  heart shaped bustier and mini jacket warn as skirt. To order... 

Photography : Charlotte Rutherford

Creative Direction & Makeup : Isamaya Ffrench

Styling: Nick Royal

Hair: Oliver Schawalder 

Model: Tabatha Beu