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We live in a visual world. I feel so lucky that what i create is so widely used for so many magazines and visual projects form music to film to artistic expressions. Here I try to update regularly where my designs appear.

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VisualAtelier8 x Jivomir Domoustchiev x A T Wilkinson Interview future fashion artwork sculpture nft digital

VisualAtelier8 x Jivomir Domoustchiev x A T Wilkinson Interview

VisualAtelier8 one of my absolute favourite platforms for empowering visual creatives. A must go to database of what is new and beautiful and pure expression... So honoured to be asked by A T one of my piers and brilliant surrealist artists whom i have been friends with and admired for a long long time... someone who has foreseen and embraced modernity and reimagined a juxtaposition of thought and form and visual self expression.
Vogue Japan ❤️ x Jivomir Domoustchiev

Vogue Japan ❤️ x Jivomir Domoustchiev

So overwhelmed to have Vogue Japan one of our industries most influential magazine feature my brand Jivomir Domoustchiev as one to watch. The article is in there May Issue out now. Having based my new collection Onna Bugeisha on some of the most amazing women that inspired me from the history of Japan

Jivomir Domoustchiev アートのように魅せる新しい美の形。

ブルガリア出身、ロンドン育ちのジヴォミール ドムストキエフ。スタイリストやエディターとして活躍後、2016年にブランドをスタート。アートピースのように長く愛される、着る人を勇気付けてくれる服づくりを目指しているとか。その構築的なデザインはジェニファー・ロペスレディー・ガガなども魅了している。ヴィーガンPVCを使い、持続可能性を目指している点もポイントが高い。