Press and Editorial Features

We live in a visual world. I feel so lucky that what i create is so widely used for so many magazines and visual projects form music to film to artistic expressions. Here I try to update regularly where my designs appear.

Sophie Conchevelou ❤️

Sophie Conchevelou ❤️

My wonderful friend Sophie costume and jewelery designer looking stunning in my Jivomir Domoustchiev clear sculptures layered look matched with her custom creation mask and cuffs . Complementing her wonderful masks and photographed by Anthony Lycett founder of Self Styled.

Iris Covet Book X Jivomir Domoustchiev white waist belt

Iris Covet Book X Jivomir Domoustchiev white waist belt

Thank you Iris Covet Book for my editorial featuring may white waist belt . available in a variety of collectible colours.. Must have accessory can be war over anything.  Must have lux. Jivomir Domoustchiev white waist beltJivomir Domoustchiev white waist beltSpecial Thanks to Iris Covet Book 

Styling: Molly Ruth Herring

Photography: Kimber Capriotti

Model: Barbara Lee Grant

Hair & Makeup: Sarah Bednar

Jivomir Domoustchiev white studded chain clutch bag

Also featured my Jivomir Domoustchiev white studded clutch bag can be warn as a bumbag, backpack, clutch.  Must have - available in a variety of colours pls visit home page for options ...