Jivomir Domoustchiev Reimagneeverything Dress


Sustainability is incredibly important to me as a designer. I found a way to re-purpose, re-use my  offcuts left over from creating my other pieces, my pattern experiments Like a big jigsaw puzzle, this dress is about finding balance in opposing, clashing shapes and colour.  Creating something new to minimise waste  is how all of us as designers should be thinking about our work. The Jivomir Domoustchiev Reimagineeverything dress. 

Fully custom made to order in my signature vegan vinyls a pure individual wearable sculpture expression that can be exhibited and worn. This dress is a collectible living art piece with no two alike and sculpted to suit the individual body. All of our pieces are made to order upon purchase as such it can take up to 6 weeks for delivery.  Please email us if you have any questions. contact@jivomirdomoustchiev.com 

As shown featured in Merde magazine

As worn by SteffLon Don for her Toxic Love Video

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