Jivomir Domoustchiev Bag / Biker Chain


Sustainability is incredibly important to me as a designer. I wanted to find a way to  re-purposing, re-use my smaller offcuts left over from creating my other pieces. I do work closely with the material manufacturer and am able to recycle the raw  material but creating something new in-house with it is much more efficient use of the material.

The all new Bag / Biker chain is now available in all of the stunning colours in vegan vinyl finish. Can be clipped on your favourite purse or is also available as part of all new 'The Triangular' Bag.

As these chains are interchangeable each chain is available separately. Please select colour and quantity of your choice. Mixing 2 different colours per bag also looks stunning

Bag in image sold separately 

As we are based in the United Kingdom with all international orders, when your items arrive in your country you maybe charged import tax by your local authority. This is beyond our control. Each country has a different approach. Please reach out in advance with any concerns and please factor in the overall cost before purchase.