©JBand by Jivomir Domoustchiev


The ©JBand by Jivomir Domoustchiev is our NEW copyrighted Patent Pending PVC Vinyl Band that sits just under your hat to both add a little colour to the contours of your face but also holds the oversized hats in place so they sit slightly above the band. The ©JBand comes in both 25mm or 20mm (1" or 2/4") your choice your expression.

Available in all the stunning colours we offer to order only. Order one to suit each mood and hat combo.

The ©JBand is made form our signature PVC Vinyl and finished with buckle and rings for pure adjustment. Please note the material does not breath so some sweating under the band will occur especially if you are like me with no hair.

All hats shown are from my personal collection only and not available via my store. 

Ask launched at London Fashion Week in a custom collaboration with Dr Noki

For multiple purchases of this product a 20% discount will be applied automatically. Fully express yourself by collecting all the colours.

As we are based in the United Kingdom with all international orders, when your items arrive in your country you maybe charged import tax by your local authority. This is beyond our control. Each country has a different approach. Please reach out in advance with any concerns and please factor in the overall cost before purchase.