Designer Jivomir Domoustchiev  Luxury Fashion & Accessories Lovingly Hand Crafted Made in East London England Bespoke Custom collectible Fashion Art created to order pure desire love must have collectible  luxury ❤️ all vinyl PVC is vegan. Jivomir Domoustchiev standout future sculpture fashion has been worn by Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Garbage Shirley Manson, Bebe Rexha, Skin, Peaches, Uglyworldwide, Xtina, Fluer East, and featured in most of the key international fashion publications from Vogue, Harpers King Kong, Hunger, Numero....

All designs featured here are Copyright © Jivomir Domoustchiev London

We all love shinny things and the vegan Vinyl / PVC which is my signature material looks absolutely stunning when shinny.  To keep our sculpture vinyl pieces looking stunning and to store after wear please use one of the recommended products.  Due to shipping restrictions I cannot ship this shine internationally with my pieces. You can however directly purchase from various outlets worldwide.  As all of the products recommended are a form of polish the same cleaning technique applies.  Please use before and after wear.  If kept clean our pieces can look perfect a very long time in line with our sustainability desire to create fashion that lasts, that you can share with friends. These polish products are designed to clean and revive the pieces and make them shine to perfection.  

How to keep your garments shinny

Garment Care

Please use the recommended vinyl polish and microfibre cloth provided before and after wear.

If using a spray polish please spray a little directly onto the vinyl garment. With the microfibre cloth provided use one corner to rub and with the other corner wipe down the liquid polishing the garment.  This will clean and polish your chosen piece and revive the stunning shine. If using the non spray please use a few drops onto the microfibre cloth then rub the vinyl. Again with the opposite side of the cloth wipe down.  Please note all fabric garments we sell are from different luxury materials, as such please consult your nearest specialist dry cleaning service for advice or email us directly. 

We recommend the following

Megular's Mirror Bright Vinyl & Rubber Treatment ( Cleans and shines scented)

Perv-O Shine (Cleans and shines great all round product)

Lynx Latex & Rubber Shine (Cleans and Shines)

Please note here are a some links for Vinyl PVC polish online retailers most of whom ship all over there world. 

Recommended product: Black Beauty Latex Polish, Purse Shine.

The aim is to have my designs last for you in there beautiful original state. Please do not store in a plastic bag as that can imprint onto the vinyl / PVC.  Also please do not store next to or pack with vivid colour garment where there is moisture.  The moisture can imprint the colour of the fabric onto the vinyl.  It is especially important to avoid black garments as all balk cloths release colour.  When packing in luggage my advice is that you pack our pieces wrapped in a white T shirt or similar colour garment.  If warping happens from being in a suitcase or extreme temperature, please allow the pieces to lay flat or hang on a hanger at room temperature for them to recover their original shape...  For large sculpture pieces, they can easily  recover there shape if dressed onto a mannequin. For headpieces I recommend a head stand... This also allows you to enjoy the sculptural design of the pieces within your living environment. :)

Into The Mirror Collection


Using damaged samples creating something new


As a designer and brand sustainability is of great importance to me.  I create collectible sculptural fashion designed to last and warn, showcased as a wearable form of sculpture.  My work is not fast fashion.   I chose to use PVC Vinyl as a signature material as a way of showcasing my sculptural design aesthetic. The material I use is rated food grade which mean has no toxicity.  PVC is vegan. I did not want to use animal products or derivatives. The products I create are all made to order only. We do not over produce so no excess stock is created to minimise waste.  If cared for as advised they can last a very long time and be enjoyed on many an occasion.  Within my collections I am incorporating off-cuts into the desirable products to minimise waste. If you make something beautiful enough it gains its own life.  Repurposing of damaged samples into completely new pieces and living sculpturesis part of my designs aesthetic.  Now with my ongoing 'Reimagine Our Future' collection i am taking garments collected from unsold overstock from the highstreet and instead of allowing it to be destroyed, i am remaking it into something unique, something beautiful, something individual and collectible. Despite all this there is still waste which since I began this company i have held onto.  Working closely with the material manufacture we are now recycling the offcuts so new material can be created.  With this in mind it is so important to me to work even more closely with the material manufacturers so the future as a brand I can be even more sustainable and to try to achieve zero waste and zero damage to the environment around us and the beautiful world we all share.  Should you wish to contact me on any of the above pleased do so


All designs featured here are Copyright © Jivomir Domoustchiev London



Collecting Overstock and Repurposing into something NEW

Tassel Purse

Tasseles are cut from our offcuts minimising waste