Prints Collection

The prints normally take upto 3 weeks to print and deliver with full tracking provided As these are a perfect present with all the perks described bellow attached please order early for special occasions like christmas and birthdays. A wall bracket is provided to allow for the easy hanging. Custom sizeing is ofcourse possible as we want to blend perfectly with your given space and environment please reach out via email for what is possible and priceing. We work closely with Printers both in Europe UK USA we are also currently sourcing the perfect prints for all the other countries were we have people that Love what we do. Again you can reach out with your desires and we will find a way.


Many of these images have been published in magazines including Vogue Japan for features on my work both as a designer and visual artist. As I endlessly create. Its to me a way of breathing a way of seeing clearer a way of endlessly learning and expressing. The available collections will keep chaining. This is an ongoing like my NFT collection. Upon Purchase please complete the mailing list registration as purchase of our special prints will allow you the owner to receive special perks including invites to exclusive events and view of our prelaunch of new collections and limited edition collectable pieces. If bought as a gift this is transfered to the receiver.

If there is an image I have created shown in my NFT collection page or on my social you simply cannot live without please reach out and I will try to include. This collection will be ever changing so subscribe and visit regularly for updates. As always thankyou for the LOVE and support.


Playground App vs Red Eye World x Jivomir Domoustchiev x Spacial Metaverse Digital Art Exhibition November 2022

The Trampory East London - Art Photography Prints - November 2022

Avata Exhibition - London Fashion Week - Digital NFT Art Exhibition September 2022

Opensea NFT Gallery July 2021 Ongoing

E9 Atelier London Ongoing Fashion Sculptures Jan 2016 - Ongoing

Rapport - East London - Fashion Sculpture - May 22

The Library Space Battersea London - Fashion Sculptures 2017 - Ongoing

Ovidious Exhibition - Lower East Side New York - Fashion Sculptures June 2017