Bubble PUF Coat


Bubble PUF Puffer Reimagined Coat. Hand crafted to order.  

In trying to reimagine our future I saw so much fast 'fashion' in stores, garments created and never sold, unwanted, destined to be burnt or buried.  I find this heart breaking . As a brand my goal is to create pieces that will be loved and last. I aim to design garments that we develop an emotional attachment to. I saw a way to create something special from something unwanted. Buying overstock end of line garments and using them as a raw material to create something desirable, something collectable, something that can be passed down and you would no longer wish to dispose of. This is our future, this is our responsibility and designers to find creative solutions to worldly and society problems. #reimagineeverything 'Reimagine Our Future' by  Jivomir Domoustchiev is a collection of special pieces which are strictly limited edition collectible pure sculpture designs created to order only.  Let us know the look you like and the colour you desire and we will find and hand craft you a unique to you pieces of sculptural fashion. Any questions please email us jivomirdomoustchiev@icloud.com 

As these pieces are individually crafted and used on what base material i have collected and saved only 3 exist in the world with the option of making just two few more. Please reach out before ordering with colours desired and we will search out and create your perfect individual self expression . Please allow up-to 4 weeks for delivery. Images shown are for and example. 

This designs consists of  reworked overstock puffa jackets intwined into a new unique sculpture shape. Over exaggerated silhouette. Shown with the custom "Memories Headpiece' available separately.  

As featured on British Vogue x @Uglyworldwide One of her 5 Favourite things LOVE Jazzelle Zanaughtti 

Also a version of this as worn by I Am Poppy on her America Tour

Also as featured in Fraulein Magazine worn by Michelle Elle