Blood Red Onna Bugeisha by Jivomir Domoustchiev


As part of my new collection 'Onna Bugeisha' by Jivomir Domoustchiev translating as Female Samurai I created this look.  These incredible women existed in the history of Japan but there presence was hidden from the history books.  This look embodyies pure future sculpture fashion and pay homage to all the  beautifully strong, confident, powerful, world changing woman,  i am lucky enough to be surrounded by. The Female Samurai of today facing the world fearlessly and showing us our futures, how to live, how to love.

The look is available as a stand alone full sculpture and comes with a mannequin if full look is ordered, so you can exhibit in your chosen space.  Ofcourse you can also wear as required.  Available in any of the stunning colours we offer and hand crafted to order in out East London Atelier. Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery.  Each individual piece is also available to order separately if so desired. Please reach out with required sizing and colour finish and any other questions you may have

The look is consists of a beautifully sculptural Asymmetric long Jacket and exaggerated leg and arm cuff sculpture armour. Reimagining for our future the ornate armour of the women worriers of past.

Individual garment pricing:

Asymmetric sculpture jacket £2900

Leg Armour £1500

Armour Cuffs £1200