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"artPLAY: Your pieces are very sculptural: they are all about form and it looks like armor. There is a strong art element.

Jivomir: And that’s why I started with this unusual PVC material, because it’s all about balance. I think it needs to be more than just a garment: a garment is a t-shirt, a jacket, you wear it and throw it away. It needs to have more than that for me. I’m not into disposable fashion. And nowadays, that’s a very important thing. The more people understand how much damage fashion is doing to the world, the more important it is for fashion to have a life more than a day. And in a way, this is what is happening with youth, with young styling, they are re-hatching old pieces, which is a great thing and a bad thing as well. To them, it’s all new, to us: we’ve seen it. Some of the kids becoming hugely famous right now, they’re doing what Lee Barry did, to them it’s new and exciting. As long as they’re excited, let them play. From playing, from experimenting, something great comes."

Jivomir Domoustchiev x artplaymagazine  yellow sculpture helmet headpiece

artPLAY: And lastly lets talk a little bit about fashion in London, and gender-fluid culture.

Jivomir: It’s a very exciting time. I have a love-hate thing with Instagram, everyone does. But people can show off and experiment, because they’re all desperate for attention, trying harder and harder to be noticed.


Jivomir Domoustchiev White long coat black repurposed headpiece vinyl sculpture dress

artPLAY: Coming from a design background, did you understand, the forms better, and the fabrics better?

Jivomir: I was still a kid, so yes of course, but I was just a kid. Everything was excited. My big thing was I always wanted to change stuff. Even the stuff you admire the most, you always see something different in it. I think that’s why design and styling’s the same thing. Stylists, if they listen to what they’re supposed to do they just dress people, that’s not styling. If they try and create amazing images, they manipulate, they accessorize.

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Jivomir Domoustchiev full sculpture lookJivomir Domoustchiev red flower sculpture dressJivomir Domoustchiev orange repurposed headpiece over black glitter coatJivomir Domoustchiev full teal sculpture jacket and spurt matched with repurposed headpiece over glitter cotton coat

Photography – Aris Akritidis    @aris_akritidis
Makeup – William A. Casey for MAC professional   @williamacasey
Hair – Marco Iafrate   @mr_marcoiafrate
Models – Nadine Mendes  @/nadinemendesss   and Niamh Gray @niamhhannahbanana  at Profile Models London