Tiggi Hawke wearing our Jivomir Domoustchiev  Red Half and Half Star Glitter coat for her 'Ascension' album cover artwork. Looking so incredible.  This visionary artist is one to watch for pure inspiration and this is the second collaboration with Tiggi having worn Jivomir Domoustchiev in her V838 music video. This artwork is styled by Adele Cany and photographed by Jordan Rossi

Tiggi Hawke wearing Jivomir Domoustchiev Half and Half star glitter coat

Jivomir Domoustchiev reimagineeverything Half and Half Star Glitter Coat. These pure sculpture coats are all individual and made to order. Each individual shape is part made from off cuts from production mixed with our pure Oversized coats. Shown in glitter. Each coat is a one off and uniquely created to the customer. In your choice of colour both singular or mixed also some fabric options. Please reach out for a consultation and share requirements before ordering contact@jivomirdomoustchiev.com A sculptural asymmetric artistic expression appearing as an ever changing art piece, different from every angle. This coat is made to order so allow 4 weeks for delivery. Every coat is crafted with precision, making it a luxurious and long-lasting addition to any wardrobe. Express your creativity and style with the perfect combination of classic silhouettes and unique design.

These can be custom ordered from our collection page

Half and Half Star Glitter Coat