RNWY Issue 01 featuring Jivomir Domoustchiev  white vinyl belt warn as chocker on cover.Jivomir Domoustchiev white belt x RNWY magazineJivomir Domoustchiev Turquoise studded cape warn as belt.  Jivomir Domoustchiev Turquoise caper warn as belt X RNWY MagazineJivomir Domoustchiev White vinyl belt warn around neck X RNWY MagazineJivomir Domoustchiev turquoise studded sculpture dress.Jivomir Domoustchiev Turquoise studded sculpture dress X RNWY MagazineSpecial Thanks to RNWY Magazine NYC and all involved...❤️


Photography:Eric Garcia-March

Art direction & Styling / Altorrin Mcintyre