Jivomir Domoustchiev white dress photography Alberto Maria ColomboOver fashion week a was approach by Mikel from King Kong Magazine about doing an interview for there online section...  having had some of my work featured in the print issue 2 and absolutely loving the approach of the magazine i was flattered and very excited.  I had just returned from New York where i had met and done a personal project, a set of photographs with this wonderful young photographer Alberto Maria Colombo..  I had followed his work for a while and when we had the opportunity to work together the result was these stunning mesmerising images modelled by the wonderful Ragnhild Jevne.  There was no-one else but us three on set and it was quite magical.. Somehow Mikel for King Kong had seen these images and they complemented my interview perfectly...  if you would like to read the whole interview pls go to http://www.kingkongmagazine.com/fashion/jivomir-domoustchiev/    



Here is a small extract: 

Your online shop only sells the accessories. Are the full looks not purchasable?

Yes the full looks are available, there is a bespoke section on the website where all of it is available to order, they just take longer to make. I have also done a lot of private commissions which I can never show. I have been doing a lot of collaborative work lately, the results of which will soon be published. Many pieces differ from my press collection but they are available to purchase upon request....

Jivomir Domoustchiev black dress photographed by Alberto Maria ColomboJivomir Domoustchiev Black belt dress photographed by Alberto Maria ColomboJivomir Domoustchiev double clear dress as sculpture photographed by Alberto Maria ColomboPortrait of Jivomir Domoustchiev by Alberto Maria Colombo