The absolutely stunning and one of my best friends the incredible Jessica Miller came to visit my atelier when on tour in London. So happy we got to catch up and reminisce about all the great moments we have shared around the world. Of course we played dress up trying on some of my new favourite pieces and I was lucky enough to photograph her in these looks.. A very nerve racking experience. As one of the greatest supermodels Jessi has been photographed by all of the greatest photographers of our time. I love these images. 

Jessica is an ambassador for 🫶


Jessica Miller wearing Jivomir DomoustchievJessica Miller wearing Jivomir DomoustchievJessica Miller wearing Jivomir DomoustchievJessi wear my sculpture flower dress 'The Jessi' in black vegan vinyl 

Also my Jivomir Domoustchiev x Julien McDonald collab accessories collection Multi Buckle Sculpture Harness matched with the Mini Ring Bra both available to order via my home page