Jivomir Domoustchiev AW17 Shadows Of My Future Collection. Available To Order  contact@jivomirdomoustchiev.com pls email us with your requests.

Jivomir Domoustchiev fall17 Red dress & jacketJivomir Domoustchiev Fall17 red sculpted dress

 Look 1 - Red sculpted Vinyl dress £1795 & Asymmetric  Half Jacket £1495 contact@jivomirdomoustchiev.com

Jivomir Domoustchiev fall17 Black vinyl jacket & skirt

Jivomir Domoustchiev fall17 Black skirt & jacket

Look 2 - Jivomir Domoustchiev black Vinyl Sculpted skirt £795 and Asymmetricmulti strap jacket £1495  contact@jivomirdomoustchiev.com

Jivomir Domoustchiev Fall17 red circular dress


Jivomir Domoustchiev fall17 red circular dress

 Look 3 - Jivomir Domoustchiev fall17 Red Vinyl circular asymmetric dress available to order in a variety of colours  contact@jivomirdomoustchiev.com £2495

Jivomir Domoustchiev fall17 black dressJivomir Domoustchiev fall17 black sculpted dressLook 4 - Jivomir Domoustchiev Fall17 Black Vinyl Sculpted dress available to order    £1795 contact@jivomirdomoustchiev.com 

Jivomir Domoustchiev fall17 Asymmetric dressJivomir Domoustchiev Fall17 asymmetric dress & JacketJivomir Domoustchiev fall17 red vinyl asymmetric jacketLook 5 - Jivomir Domoustchiev Fall17 Red Asymmetric panel dress £2495 & Multi panel jacket £2595 both available to order  contact@jivomirdomoustchiev.com

Jivomir Domoustchiev fall17 pannel jacket blackJivomir Domoustchiev fall17 black jacketJivomir Domoustchiev Fall17Look 6- Jivomir Domoustchiev Black Vinyl Multi panel jacket £2495 warn over sculpted skirt £595 available to  order  contact@jivomirdomoustchiev.com

Jivomir Domoustchiev aw17 collection entitled ‘Shadows of my Future’ is an exploration into the designer’s pure obsession with form and sculpture. Attempting to re-sculpt parts of the body, Jivomir mixes this with inspiration derived from taking apart beautifully crafted shoes and mimicking elements of there patterns. This mixed with his ever present obsession with saddlery is also shown in the presentation and desire for the garments to be able to be shown as flat object or exhibited on walls. The desire of the collection is that does not need to be warn as intended.. It encourages the reimagining of new ways of presenting and layering the garments to create ever more dramatic silhouettes…


All pieces are available to order. All are adjustable and handcrafted & Made in  London by the designer in a Vinyl/PVC which is very flexible and comfortable to the touch.  A variety of colours are available upon request.  Pls feel free to reach out to us with any questions.. All prices are upon request as these are bespoke services. As a guide pls review the items in the main store page.

A Full private bespoke service is available. 


Fashion Photography : Aris Akritidis  www.arisakritidis.com

Hair: Marco Iafrate

Makeup: William A. Casey for MAC Cosmetics

Model: Alexandra Karpova